more pookie stuff

A Pookie is a person who goes on club penguin and pretends to be a “bai bai” (baby)  Pookies are most commonly seen in the Pet Shop, so next time you are on club penguin, go to the pet shop and you will probably see loads!’ Okay so now you know what a Pookie is. Fancy pretending to be one? Well, I am going to show you SOME of the most popular Pookie outfits!

By the way, the tiara, feather boa, ballet shoes are a very popular combination too! Unfortunately I don’t have any of those items so I cannot include them, but if YOU have the items then its better using them.


Sun Striker, Blue Earmuffs, Sleeping Cap, Party Hat


Dungarees, White Ninja Belt, Red/Green Hoodie, Orange Star T-Shirt, Red Long-Johns, Orange Snow Set

Now you need to be aware of the danger. I’m talking about Bay Bee Abusers. Bay Bee Abusers are people who want to get rid of Pookies. They will kidnap a Pookie and throw, burn, squash or kill them. You must be aware of these, especially all you mumus. If a penguin comes up to your Pookie and says “Grabs”, you must be aware. They are planning to kidnap your Pookie. If your Pookie is confused and goes with the kidnapper, quickly say: “My Iggy!” And go to your igloo. If your Pookie is not there, go back to where you were last with them. If they are not there either and they have deleted you, don’t worry. Just go to the Pet Shop and get a new Pookie. If a rich, pretty penguin comes up to your Pookie and says: “Awh! What A Cutie Pie!” Do not immediately assume they are going to take your Pookie away. Don’t say things like: “Carries Angel Away To Safety!” That is unnecessary and the penguin will probably follow you. However, if the other penguin starts saying things like: “Is Famous Model And Has Huge Bedroom For A Pookie At Huge Igloo!!” or “Honey You Are Perfect! Will You Be My Princess?” Immediately take action. Please be aware that if you are a very average-looking penguin and this other penguin is rich and uses caps, your Pookie will probably leave you and go off with the other penguin. If they do this, just go to the Pet Shop and get another Pookie.

This section here is for the mumus! Okay, you want to be a mumu and you want to look rich and posh. Penguins often think that “Steps Out Solid Dimond/Gold/Teddy Town/ Elmo Limo!!” will do that job fine. Well, some Pookies will fall for that, but most will think you are tacky. DO NOT pick the Pookies that tag after you saying stuff like “Reaches Up For Golden Curls!” or “Gives Rare Golden Rose!” or “Falls On Shoe!”. These Pookies are brats. They only like you because you are rich. Pick a Pookie YOU like.  Don’t show off too much or you will fall for these spoiled Pookies. Another tip is: DO NOT WEAR THE RUBY AND THE RUBY SPARKLY DRESS!! Do not wear that dress or any other fancy dress. Just wear a nice long coat. I would even advise you not to pick the cutest Pookie ever. Don’t be falled for that. Pick a Pookie who prehaps isn’t so cute, they are usually the nicer ones. But check they use caps if you do. Don’t pick a Pookie that doesn’t use caps if you do. It doesn’t look good.

This section is for the Pookies! Okay, you are a Pookie and you want to get the rich mumus. I strongly advise you use caps. Caps is when you Talk Like This. That makes you look posher. Also, don’t talk too much. Don’t constantly say things like: “Giggles Strawberry Pink Bubbles Of Dove!!” or “Crawls Showing Tiny Elmo Dippy!”. Some think that is cute, others think you are a show-off. Also, if you come into the Pet Shop wearing a Pookie outfit, and someone else is wearing the exact same outfit, they may come up to you and say: “Woo Copied Me! Meanie!” just say you didn’t copy them, and if they carry on going on about it, just leave. If when your in the Pet Shop, you say, “Is Wittle Angel!” and someone picks you, when you go to their igloo to live with them, you must behave like an angel!

If you say “is little miss adorable”you must be cute all the time 🙂




Wellies, Blue Crocs, Green Bunny Slippers (UNLOCKABLE)


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